Biphasic Sleep : Day 6

Overslept yet again.

Biphasic sleep : Day 6Overslept yet again. This took the usual form of waking to the alarm, switching it off and waking again (naturally) 90 minutes later. It looks as though I'll have to increase the length of the main sleep period sooner than I hoped yesterday - perhaps to 4.5 hours on nights following weight-training (currently 4 days per week).

An interesting note on this morning's 'extra' sleep : I could clearly remember dreams immediately following the second waking. I suspect these were in the third (and final) 90 minutes - they certainly felt 'fresh' - and it goes a long way to confirming the idea that even short bursts of sleep contain all the usual stages. Although it's nearly impossible to gauge muscular recovery from a few nights' slumber, this is a very positive sign.

Following nap

That was refreshing. I left the nap until 20:00, and found myself in zombie mode once again just before it started (equivalent to about 01:00 prior to the experiment); to make sure I fell asleep quickly and deeply. Both things happened - and I realised just now much benefit you can get from 90 minutes.

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