Biphasic Sleep : Day 21

Biphasic sleep : Day 21Not quite in Zombie mode, but near enough. Last night included some late (even by my standards) work on the PC, and I didn't end up getting to bed until a little before 05:00. In order to wake up at a reasonable time this morning I set the alarm for 08:00; but feel as though I spent about half that time simply rolling back and forth trying to get to sleep.

Today's going to be a long, long day.

Following nap

I knew I was tired, but 6 hours? I have vague memories of picking up the alarm, switching it off and dropping it on the bedside table again. And then sleeping for another 4.5 hours.

It seems that there's a time penalty for overstepping the mark on the nap. This has happened on a few occasions now, and on each of them I feel as though I needed a bit extra; but not that much. After 6 hours (with a further 3 or so to come) I feel about as refreshed as I do following a 6 hour biphasic days' total. The quandary is that unless I get a further 3-or-so hours in a few hours' time, tomorrow will be the same - tired all day, oversleep the nap, wake up mid-morning more than a little annoyed.

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30 Days of Biphasic Sleep.

Time for a bit of an experiment.

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