How to Make a Sandbag for $10

Make your own.

Sandbag Materials
Sandbag Materials.
DIY workout gear doesn't come much cheaper than this. If you've got 10 bucks in your pocket and an hour to spare, pop down to the nearest hardware store and grab the following :


Assembly is a straightforward process.

Making Mini Sandbags
Making Mini Sandbags.
Half fill each of the freezer bags with sand (until you run out of sand - I used 6, but it's good to have spares).
Mini Sandbags Taped Up
Mini Sandbags Taped Up.
Seal and tape each bag tightly - make sure you squeeze all the air out.
Completed Sandbag
Completed Sandbag.
Place the garden sack inside the hessian one, and fill it with the small sandbags.

Tie up the sacks with twine.

That's it! Obviously there's a bit of trial-and-error involved, but you really can't go too far wrong.

Changes I would make

I'll use it a few times before I really start changing things, but a couple of likely culprits :

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