For Those Who Lift Alone : Bench Press 'Off Helper'

What do you do when you need a hand lifting the bar off the hooks?

Off HelperTom Moe has come up with an ingenious solution to a problem many solo at-home lifters (myself included) encounter every time they hit heavier weights on the bench :

Q : What do you do when you need a hand lifting the bar off the hooks?

A : grab some chain, storm door safety springs, dog chain clips, a length of metal pipe, a couple of eye bolts, some metal flat stock and a harmonic balancer (or a spring loaded retractor cable; even a bungee cord in a pinch) and build this.

Notes from Tom :

You have to fine tune the length of chain and the amount of eye bolt threads used until you get the desired result. When set right the unit will help lift the bar up and out over your chest or belly. The way my unit is set - up , when I get to 225 lbs I use 4 storm door springs (anything less than 225 lbs the unit will pick the bar up right off the rack). 425 lbs - 8 storm door springs. 525 lbs and up - 8 storm door springs and 2 heavy duty fence springs.

This system has worked for me.

A few photos will help show just how great this device is. Superb.

Off Helper 1

Off Helper 2

Off Helper 3

Off Helper 4

Off Helper 5

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